Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dumbass Bitch Talking On Her Cell Phone Gets Tazered

This woman thinks talking on her cell phone is more important than talking to the cops. As a result, she gets tazered. Just what she deserves.

Also, doesn't she sound like she's having a freakin' orgasm as she lays on the ground whimpering?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cheapass Bimbo Office Worker Gets Drunk At Party

How much does anyone wanna bet this cheapass bimbo is now flipping burgers at Burger King as a result of this video?

Dumbass Guy Hits Equally Dumbass Girl

What is it with this sick world of ours and our sick fascination of guys hitting girls? Moreover, what's with girls like this chick letting dumbass itiots like the guy in this video hit her in the first place??

Surely she had to know where she was standing in the room....

Guy Gives Cop The Finger

What is it about giving cops the finger that looks so exciting? Do idiots like this dumbass not realize that most cops will simply ignore them anyway?

Guy Has A Bad Rollerblade Landing

Can you say OUCH??