Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cheapass Bimbo Office Worker Gets Drunk At Party

How much does anyone wanna bet this cheapass bimbo is now flipping burgers at Burger King as a result of this video?


schlomo rabinowitz said...

That rocked! I wonder if she still has a job?

Pat Cook said...

I wondered the same thing, which is one of the reasons why I posted the video.

I also wonder if she even remembers ANYTHING that happened THAT WHOLE DAY. :) *LOL!*

Chuck Olsen said...

that was pretty damn funny.

i don't really think it warrants calling her a "cheapass bimbo" but hey - your vlog. :-)

jonjon barros said...

hmmm...that's what you call the spirit of being drunk..from cheap to sweet..awesome..