Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dumbass Bitch Talking On Her Cell Phone Gets Tazered

This woman thinks talking on her cell phone is more important than talking to the cops. As a result, she gets tazered. Just what she deserves.

Also, doesn't she sound like she's having a freakin' orgasm as she lays on the ground whimpering?


~ FluxRostrum said...

This isn't funny. Yes, she's a bit of a dumbass for trying to finish her conversation but she appears to be calmly dealy with getting pulled over for minor bullshit.

If I tasered every Dumbass I ran across I'd be in jail. This kind of treatment from the cops is excessive force, inhuman and has KILLED people.


I don't know about you but getting KILLED because my fuckin' tags are expired is a little harsh don't you think.

Yes she's a dumbass but that's no excuse for us to expect this kind of treatment from people that WE PAY to PROTECT & SERVE ... US. not the f'n taser company, not the f'n CEO's... US.

I applaud your showing this video. I detest that it is only of humorous interest to you.

In the full length clip the cops accuse her of "fighting" with the police and say that's why she was tased... that's a lie..

Here's the whole video from

Imagine just how fast this is unraveling to this woman. She is being immediatly asked to step out of the car during a routine traffic stop...

Keep laughing about this kind of stuff and the next thing you may hear is some DUMBASS, SHORT COCK COP threatening to taze you if you don't step away from your computer... or onto the sidewalk... or off of the sidewalk... or if you don't cross the street NOW... etc etc. This is Police State Bullshit and Is Not Funny.

Hilton said...

Wow, fluxrostrum has a good point!

~ FluxRostrum said...
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~ FluxRostrum said...

3 cops getting tasered, now that's funny

Chuck Olsen said...

those cops are fuckers.

Pat Cook said...

Hmmm....Obviously a few people missed the point I was trying to make.

The point was that HAD THE LADY COOPERATED WITH THE COPS IN THE FIRST PLACE, they wouldn't have had a need to taze her in order to get her to comply.

And many of you obviously missed the part where she says "Ooh he's got a big gun and he's going to shoot me!". Most cops I know wouldn't even pull their gun out of their holster in that situation UNLESS SHE HAD ONE CONCEALED OR WAS TRYING TO PULL ONE HERSELF!!

Finally, not to play the "race card" here myself but blacks and other minorities are GOOD about crying RACIAL PROFILING even though the traffic stop was one which the cops in that video was more than likely one they would make NO MATTER WHO the driver was.

Ever been in an urban city neighborhood (Read GHETTO) lately? That kind of crap all the time. Sometimes it IS a cop who's just simply racially profiling people. But more often than not, it's because THE DRIVER DID SOMETHING WRONG!!

I'm NO cop myself NOR do I have any law enforcement experience BUT it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure THIS one out.

Just my opinion FWIW. :)

eric strauss said...

had the lady cooperated...


What is it about you small minded authoritarians? A cop is just some guy with a gun and the desire to exercise power over others. It is our solemn duty to resist such evil. Fuck the government. They DO NOT have your best interest in mind, moron.

Idiots like you really make me ill.

David said...

The video will doubtless be exhibit number one in the lawsuit against the cops, the police force, the city and everyone else who can be served with a writ. The cops' reaction looks to be excessive in the circumstances, and the woman's screams make it obvious that she's in SEVERE physical distress as a result of being electrocuted, however briefly, by the taser weapon. The possibility of permanent neurological or cardio damage shouldn't be ruled out, depending on any prior existing condition she may have had. Her lawyer will have a field day with this one. Yes, cops are often faced with terrible, life-or-death, make-a-decision-in-an-instant situations. This one just looks like brutality.

Keith said...

Obviously you fools talking about the size of a police officer's junk and calling names are about 3 years old. And it is just as obvious that you have never felt the responsibility of putting your life on the line for others. A police officer has to be authoritarian. That is his job. If he slips once, it could mean his life, his partner's life or worse. He/she go to work every day dealing with idiots who think they are owed something. Once the blue lights flash, if you don't want to be treated rough, do what you are told and use short answers punctuated with 'Yes, sir' and 'No, sir'. Part of our responsibility as citizens of this great country is to yield to those WE put in authority. If we decide to be anarchists and say screw authority, getting the latest beats on our iPods could quickly turn into hiding from death squads (see Serbia and Darfur where there were no authoritarians to protect the citizens from idiots) Calling her a "Dumbass Bitch" is admittedly kind of childish but it has a kernel of truth whereas the arguments of fluxrostrum are the ramblings of a malcontent child. One last point is that if she had cooperated and then got tazered, that police officer would be on trial and out of a job. Bad cops happen and that is no joke. But I believe, have to believe, that they are the very small minority. This video is the case of a citizen not doing her civic duty and paying the price for her irresponsibility. Regrettable, yes, but she got herself tazered and the police officer did his job as trained.

Reaper said...
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Reaper said...

Kieth, BRAVO ! bravo man. I'm not racist but i hate stupid people and this is a prime example. Ok sure she could have been nervous or scared or immature and needed mothers opinion. sure she might get permanent nerv damage, and sure one day everyone on the planet will die. You can go on and on about anything and everything that could happen, but the bottom line is that this officer to start with knows that this lady could pull a gun,knife, grenade whatever or she could come out willingly. He is putting his safety possibly his life on the line. this lady could have kept speeding down the road and hit your child in a crosswalk, what then? She broke the law, she got caught doing that and she has to pay the price like myself or any of you. She also had a suspended license which means she has been in trouble with the law before. you cant drive with your license suspended anyone who has a brain knows that. she was asked to get off the phone. what kind of idiot makes a call while the police officer is talking to them. Who calls anyone when someone is talking to them, its rude at the least. He said get out of the car, at that point you should be opening the door to get out not telling him no. Its like your parent saying "Come here". I dont know about you but my dad would have swat my butt if i said no. she did nothing the officer asked and further more she completely resisted and proceeded to do what she wanted. I think he should have tasered her like they did and then put a muzzle on her. I've been shocked before by 35k and its not anywhere near as painful as she made 50k sound. I'm not saying she delibrately milked this situation but she didnt even attempt to cooperate. She deserved every volt and i bet she didnt learn a single thing from this. I bet she still will disrespect and defy authority whereever she goes.

Reaper age 24

Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind? You cant call a woman dumbass bitch like that and say she deserved to be taserd for talking on the cell phone, i know its not a smart idea to ignore cops but that is exaggerated. She is screaming and not getting an orgasm, is the only thing you think of when you see a woman of sex?

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